Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yeah, neither are the Fullers. Here we are, the proud parents of FIVE potential football players(not if I have any say so though) and here it is Superbowl time and we don't even know who's playing in it. Well, I didn't anyway until I checked out today's post over at Cake Wrecks.

There have only been a handful of times where I have thought we would have been better off with girls and they are usually times like this. Well, I guess girls would have been better off, not us. Don't get me wrong. The Superbowl isn't THAT important. It's not like a presidential election or anything. It is however one of those all American pastime type things and I feel like there may some missed out opportunities for some memories.

Oh well. At least now they will have something to blame on us. LOL!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Be jealous. Be very jealous.

I am the mother of the smartest three year old EVER. The following is a conversation he and I just had.

Sterling: Can me have a drink please?

Me: Hands him a cup of water.

Sterling: *Growls* ( he likes to pretend he's a tiger)

Me: What does that mean Sterling?

Sterling: *Pauses for a second* Then looking at me says, "That means the letter of the day."

Me: What is the letter of the day Sterling?

Sterling: That it's snowy outside.


He and I also had an interesting conversation the other day. He has some potty issues and needed to be seen by a urologist. On the day of his appointment, I told him we were going to the doctor. He asked why and I told him so his penis could be checked to see why it's been hurting. He starts to cry and asks me if he's going to get a new one. I try not to laugh and tell him that he's not going to get a new one. He then asks if the doctor is going to cut it. Poor kid. He was so worried. He was exceptionally quiet and well behaved while we were there. Anyone that knows Sterling knows that he's never met a stranger and that he will ask strangers ANYTHING. Including nice old men for one of their apples when they are standing behind us in line at Costco. Yes it happened. You would have thought that he'd been threatened or something. He wouldn't talk to anyone and just shrugged his shoulders when he was spoken to. In the end, he's fine but we were given a laundry list of things he has to avoid eating and drinking. Hopefully this fixes the problem.

Here's an update picture of his head injury. It's healing nicely.

This next one shows you a little bit of Sterling's personality. He's got one in each hand and one in his mouth in the effort to keep them ALL away from Seth. You really have to click on it and enlarge it to get the FULL effect of his facial expression. I like Seth's face too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How I handle the kids while Brandon is away and some randomness

Nice huh?

I was actually just trying to get the dust ruffle on. The king size mattress is a little much for me to pick up and place nicely on the bed without pulling the dust ruffle, so I had Sebastian lay on it while I pushed the mattress over him. It worked great. I debated about leaving him there, but in the end I let him up. I figured the bed looked better without him between the mattresses.

These next pictures are of the cat. He pulled the bottom of the couch down in order to climb in and sleep. Brandon turned the couch over on its back so he could staple it back together. Not knowing the cat was inside....

There was a whole just big enough for him to get his face through. It was funny watching him try to get out. And like Sebastian under the mattress, I debated about leaving him there.

Oh, by the way, Spencer isn't the only one who has to wear glasses:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Creative, Lazy, or Stupid. You decide.

So. We have this big black dog. His name is Diesel. He likes to go for walks. It's cold outside.

He still likes to walk.

I don't.

The kids don't.

Diesel does.

So we compromised.


You probably think I'm crazy for doing it. And you're probably right. That having been said, the dog needs his exercise. He's taking it out and the cat and the kids. I was afraid of what "could" happen, but it went really well. His leash was just long enough to let him walk to the side of the suburban, but not long enough to let him get near the tire. He loved it. His tail was wagging and he just walked with us. He's a strong dog, and usually we have to use a head halti or gentle lead to even be able to walk him. NOT THIS TIME! There was no way he was going to pull the suburban. LOL. Crazy dog.

I drove about 4mph the whole time. Well almost the whole time. We turned a corner started to go a little down hill and I noticed that he was running at this point. I must have gotten up to 8mph. Poor dog. Just kidding. He loved the short run. Next time I'll go a little faster than 4mph so he can get a little more energy out.

So which one is it? Creative, Lazy, or Stupid? You decide.

The picture below shows you what Diesel thinks of the dogs next door.

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