Friday, January 16, 2009

Be jealous. Be very jealous.

I am the mother of the smartest three year old EVER. The following is a conversation he and I just had.

Sterling: Can me have a drink please?

Me: Hands him a cup of water.

Sterling: *Growls* ( he likes to pretend he's a tiger)

Me: What does that mean Sterling?

Sterling: *Pauses for a second* Then looking at me says, "That means the letter of the day."

Me: What is the letter of the day Sterling?

Sterling: That it's snowy outside.


He and I also had an interesting conversation the other day. He has some potty issues and needed to be seen by a urologist. On the day of his appointment, I told him we were going to the doctor. He asked why and I told him so his penis could be checked to see why it's been hurting. He starts to cry and asks me if he's going to get a new one. I try not to laugh and tell him that he's not going to get a new one. He then asks if the doctor is going to cut it. Poor kid. He was so worried. He was exceptionally quiet and well behaved while we were there. Anyone that knows Sterling knows that he's never met a stranger and that he will ask strangers ANYTHING. Including nice old men for one of their apples when they are standing behind us in line at Costco. Yes it happened. You would have thought that he'd been threatened or something. He wouldn't talk to anyone and just shrugged his shoulders when he was spoken to. In the end, he's fine but we were given a laundry list of things he has to avoid eating and drinking. Hopefully this fixes the problem.

Here's an update picture of his head injury. It's healing nicely.

This next one shows you a little bit of Sterling's personality. He's got one in each hand and one in his mouth in the effort to keep them ALL away from Seth. You really have to click on it and enlarge it to get the FULL effect of his facial expression. I like Seth's face too.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the bath shot. He's creative, I'll give him that. Glad he checked out okay at the Dr. Now no more excitement while dh's gone, k?

The Smiths said...

Wow, long time no see. Where are you guys now? We are in Utah headed for California in August. Dean is at warrant officer school in Virginia right now. Check us out at
The boys are all so cute.-Jill Smith

Nikki said...

Beth...the grape tomatoes dually noted. LOL! We're living proof that green and red grapes do the same thing too. You'd think we don't eat fiber on a regular basis based on what I dealt with this morning. But...quite the contrary. LOL! I guess we just don't eat it in large amounts such as entire bowls of Fiber One that contain some 100 grams in 1 serving.

Alright..I meant to tag you too since I was trying to come up with everybody that I knew would have pics with great stories. LOL! I did Beth and then stuck the other Beth in and forgot to come back to you. Don't you feel loved? LOL!'ve been tagged in picture tag so go to my blog for the rules, show us a pic...and tell the tale!

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