Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yeah, neither are the Fullers. Here we are, the proud parents of FIVE potential football players(not if I have any say so though) and here it is Superbowl time and we don't even know who's playing in it. Well, I didn't anyway until I checked out today's post over at Cake Wrecks.

There have only been a handful of times where I have thought we would have been better off with girls and they are usually times like this. Well, I guess girls would have been better off, not us. Don't get me wrong. The Superbowl isn't THAT important. It's not like a presidential election or anything. It is however one of those all American pastime type things and I feel like there may some missed out opportunities for some memories.

Oh well. At least now they will have something to blame on us. LOL!


Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

Heyyyyyyyyy chicka!!!!

FromThe Creek said...

Are you still having trouble commenting on my blog? I don't know what it could be? Let me know if you are and I will check into it.

BTW the Netipot is working wonderfully!

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