Friday, February 26, 2010

GO Speed Racer GO!

Sebastian competed in his first of three Pinewood Durby's as a cub scout. He picked out the model he wanted and did all the work. Brandon supervised, but Sebastian seriously did all the work, except for the finishing details like the lighting bolt and his initals on the side of the hood scoop. He did a GREAT job.

He won first place in the Wolf pack races, and won third overall. He also won the Dazzling Detail award. He had a great time. WAY TO GO SEBS!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

General Custer

The sixth graders at Stephens school were all told to pick a famous historical figure from the 1800's that they wanted to portrait in a "wax museum." They dressed up like their person and stood at a desk with a button that when pushed, caused the wax figure to tell you a narrative about their life. The students also had to make a tri-fold poster depicting the life of their person. Stephen chose General Custer. Here he is in his get up.

I had a realization while I attended his performance at school. Stephen is now a TEENAGER. I already knew this, but he showed me just how much of one he is. The entire time I stood there talking to him, he looked anywhere but at me. It was if he was EMBARRASSED or something. I mean COME ON, I'm his MOTHER. Why would he be embarrassed? Could it have been because I was WEARING his little sister? Who, I might add, got more attention than the "wax" people. Could it have been the fact that I also had two little munchkins running around at my feet? Truth be told, I think it was a little bit of everything. It's a shame that teenagers think the world revolves around them and that EVERYONE is looking at them.

On a side note, I found out just how popular my little boy is. I could barely talk to him because of all the GIRLS that kept jumping if front of me to push his "button" so he would "talk." I think for some of them, it was the first time he spoke to them.

Stephen did a good job and I am proud of my teenager.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sadie's Blessing

I'm not sure why blogger keeps turning the pictures sideways, but I can't rotate them. They're not the best ones, but here they are. It was a wonderful day. She did so good. She looked like an angel.
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