Monday, June 14, 2010

On my honor I will do my best ......

Stephen and Brandon left this morning for a week of Scout camp at Camp Naish. I hope Stephen uses more bug spray this year. Last year he came home with more merit badges, but also Lyme Disease and a spider bite. Fun times.

Oh and for the record, he did indeed dress himself.

His birthday couldn't get here fast enough

This poor kid was DESPERATE to be seven. Not sure what is so special about seven, but he really wanted to be seven. So much so that the day he turned seven he told someone he was seven and a half. Maybe it's eight he wants to be and seven is just a stepping stone. Oh to be in the head of a child some days. As usual, we had a very small celebration here at home. My parents stopped by on their way to my sister's house in Wyoming . It was nice that they were able to be here for his birthday.

Stephen drew the artwork on the t-shirt for Spencer. He's worn it to bed every night since.

I love this girl

Celebration at the Station

Celebration at the Station is a Memorial Day tribute to the Veteran's who have given all they had to give in service to our country. It's a concert put on by the Kansas City symphony. It was a wonderful concert. The group Time For Three was there as well. They are amazing and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a few of their CD's. They are touring the country and if you get a chance to see them, you really should. There was also an amazing fire works display afterward.

This is the stage. The building behind it is Union Station. If you don't know the history, look it up sometime. It's very interesting. You can't really see them, but the guys on stage holding the flags Marines. They are from Brandon's office.

A few years ago, Corinne, my sister-in-law, gave Spencer a set of Stomp Rockets for his birthday(by far one of the best present ever I might add). The kids have had a blast playing with them at various times.
Love them.

Brandon taught Spencer how to play Mancula that night. He caught on super fast and had a great time.

This is how Seth always watches fireworks.

Birthday Dinner

Brandon and I were born 10 days apart. I was born first and he never misses an opportunity to tell people he married an older woman.

We decided to combine the birthdays and go out for dinner. Together. Alone.

We chose Pierpont's at Union Station. Amazing.

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