Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Brandon helps the kids make me something for Mother's Day every year. He goes all out and out does himself each year. He forgot Mother's Day the first year we were married. I had also just given birth to his first born son. I think he's trying very hard to make up for it. Don't tell him he's more than made up for it. I kinda like the attention. :-)

Sadie Lady

Let the record show that I've stated from the beginning we've got our hands full with this one. I've never denied it or doubted it.

She's 16 months now. And she's in charge. She runs the show around here. It's a very good thing she's got a sister coming to help balance her.

This all having been said, I. Adore. Her. Adore. Her. She is everything I wanted when I finally decided that I wanted a daughter. She is very girly. Loves it when I put a dress on her. Loves to wear her "so pretty's" i.e. bracelets, earrings, and hair bows. She loves shoes and is already trying to put them on by herself. She doesn't like it when she's dirty and is very willing for you to clear her face and hands. She HAS to have her blanket and paci to go to sleep or ride in the car. And if there is a baby in the room...forget it. It HAS to be on the floor so she can see it, and touch it and take care of it. She INSISTS that the mother sit down on the floor with the baby. INSISTS. It's quite comical. I'm sure it's going to get really old when Skyler is here. I suppose being a big helper is better than being totally jealous. We'll see what happens. I've yet to have one be super jealous. Or super helpful for that matter. I have a strange feeling September is going to be an interesting month.

I thought she looked really cute in her dress and was trying to take a picture of her. She was not having it and as you can see in the second one, she didn't hesitate to tell me what she thought of what I was trying to do. Click on it so it gets bigger so you get the full effect. No, she's not blowing bubbles, and yes, she is in fact spitting at me. I get that a lot from her.

I love this girl. Love, love, love her.

Easter 2011

Despite the fact that Easter was all the way at the end of April, I feel like it snuck up on me. We don't really do a whole lot as far as the commercial aspect of Easter goes, but we do get the kids baskets. This year I literally got the stuff Saturday. Too bad the stores don't clearance the candy out the day before. That would have been nice. This year they only got candy. And not very much at that. It was gone by Monday afternoon. Let me tell ya, I'm so doing this every year. It was so nice to not be tempted to eat it before it was time to give it to them. And not having to hear them whine about wanting their candy days and days afterwards. PRICELESS.

I know the kids love it and enjoy it, but I often wish we had never started doing baskets for them. It has nothing to do with Christ and that seems to be the focus. No matter what we try and teach them. I know they're learning it, and we won't see it for a while, but still. Sometimes I wish a lot of things...

So anyway, here are a few pictures of the boys and their spoils. Sadie is too young for that much candy so she was left out of the excitement. Thank goodness she slept in Easter morning. LOL!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

California, knows how to party

Brandon had to go to California for a Muster for the IRR Marines. We decided, at the very last minute, that it would be fun and very nice for me to fly out there and spend the weekend in LA with him. Thanks to great friends here in MO who were up to the challenge of five Fuller boys, it worked out.

Sadie went with me for several reasons. One, she's still nursing, and two, I'm not ready to not be with her. She was no trouble at all, and I enjoyed her being there every second. Even during the five hour delay we spent in the Salt Lake airport. Thank you Delta flight crew for taking your sweet time getting to our flight. Don't get me started on Delta. So not flying with them ever again.

And I thought I was uncomfortable in the seats. Yeah. I got a whole lot comfortable after I looked up and noticed this poor guy.

One of my favorite places to shop. Miss it.

Here's my cutie pie in the rental car and rental nasty seat.

It was a wonderful, much needed time away from life. So glad we made it work.
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