Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sadie Lady

Let the record show that I've stated from the beginning we've got our hands full with this one. I've never denied it or doubted it.

She's 16 months now. And she's in charge. She runs the show around here. It's a very good thing she's got a sister coming to help balance her.

This all having been said, I. Adore. Her. Adore. Her. She is everything I wanted when I finally decided that I wanted a daughter. She is very girly. Loves it when I put a dress on her. Loves to wear her "so pretty's" i.e. bracelets, earrings, and hair bows. She loves shoes and is already trying to put them on by herself. She doesn't like it when she's dirty and is very willing for you to clear her face and hands. She HAS to have her blanket and paci to go to sleep or ride in the car. And if there is a baby in the room...forget it. It HAS to be on the floor so she can see it, and touch it and take care of it. She INSISTS that the mother sit down on the floor with the baby. INSISTS. It's quite comical. I'm sure it's going to get really old when Skyler is here. I suppose being a big helper is better than being totally jealous. We'll see what happens. I've yet to have one be super jealous. Or super helpful for that matter. I have a strange feeling September is going to be an interesting month.

I thought she looked really cute in her dress and was trying to take a picture of her. She was not having it and as you can see in the second one, she didn't hesitate to tell me what she thought of what I was trying to do. Click on it so it gets bigger so you get the full effect. No, she's not blowing bubbles, and yes, she is in fact spitting at me. I get that a lot from her.

I love this girl. Love, love, love her.


XLMIC said...

She is such a doll! I have the hardest time taking a picture of Carys... as soon as the camera is out, she starts screaming at me and grabbing at it, "hafta see the baby! wanna see the baby!" Ugh. LOL.

Happy Mother's Day, Beth!

Janel Jarman said...

This post about Sadie just made my day! I love my little cousin--wish y'all lived closer so I could meet her and spoil her!!

NY Phoenix said...

She's adorable! I kinda feel bad for her and Skyler though once they hit the teen years.... heaven forbid a boy go to ask her out LOL :)

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