Saturday, May 7, 2011

California, knows how to party

Brandon had to go to California for a Muster for the IRR Marines. We decided, at the very last minute, that it would be fun and very nice for me to fly out there and spend the weekend in LA with him. Thanks to great friends here in MO who were up to the challenge of five Fuller boys, it worked out.

Sadie went with me for several reasons. One, she's still nursing, and two, I'm not ready to not be with her. She was no trouble at all, and I enjoyed her being there every second. Even during the five hour delay we spent in the Salt Lake airport. Thank you Delta flight crew for taking your sweet time getting to our flight. Don't get me started on Delta. So not flying with them ever again.

And I thought I was uncomfortable in the seats. Yeah. I got a whole lot comfortable after I looked up and noticed this poor guy.

One of my favorite places to shop. Miss it.

Here's my cutie pie in the rental car and rental nasty seat.

It was a wonderful, much needed time away from life. So glad we made it work.


XLMIC said...

I am so bummed you were down south and not up here! I would have loved to meet you :)

Sadie is such a cutie :)

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Just One Foot said...

I knew you were a kindred all time favorite store is IKEA too! I met my first one when we lived in DC, missed it like crazy in Utah (they built one in Salt Lake the MONTH we moved to NY!) and now have four IKEAS 'near' me, but all exactly two hours away! (NJ, CT, MA,NYC) I can't wait to move to CO, where they are opening a new one in Denver this summer! Anyone with lots of kids and a limited budget has to love IKEA. :)

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