Saturday, February 20, 2010

General Custer

The sixth graders at Stephens school were all told to pick a famous historical figure from the 1800's that they wanted to portrait in a "wax museum." They dressed up like their person and stood at a desk with a button that when pushed, caused the wax figure to tell you a narrative about their life. The students also had to make a tri-fold poster depicting the life of their person. Stephen chose General Custer. Here he is in his get up.

I had a realization while I attended his performance at school. Stephen is now a TEENAGER. I already knew this, but he showed me just how much of one he is. The entire time I stood there talking to him, he looked anywhere but at me. It was if he was EMBARRASSED or something. I mean COME ON, I'm his MOTHER. Why would he be embarrassed? Could it have been because I was WEARING his little sister? Who, I might add, got more attention than the "wax" people. Could it have been the fact that I also had two little munchkins running around at my feet? Truth be told, I think it was a little bit of everything. It's a shame that teenagers think the world revolves around them and that EVERYONE is looking at them.

On a side note, I found out just how popular my little boy is. I could barely talk to him because of all the GIRLS that kept jumping if front of me to push his "button" so he would "talk." I think for some of them, it was the first time he spoke to them.

Stephen did a good job and I am proud of my teenager.

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Me said...

Aww. Good for Stephen! I love his pose for the first pic!! Haha!!

I can't believe Stephen has begun the journey of "teenager hood" either!! Lol. Ugg! Those were some hard years.
Granted there are a lot of fun times, but it was soo hard being a teenager to me! You remember how shy and self-conscious I was? One word: Awkward! LOL!!! But, that was just when I was uncomfortable. Man, hard times. :/
Haha! It feels like that was ages ago, but I guess relatively it wasn’t.

And YOU, missy, seem WAY too young to have a 13 year old! It's not been long at all since YOU were a teenager either!! Were your teen years difficult for you? Middle school was worse than high school to me, because the kids were SOO mean!! I got made fun of so much! Not only did I stick out like a sore thumb b/c I was so tall, (5’10 by eighth grade!) I also had to lug around this huge violin case (which sometimes doubled as a “crowd parter” in the halls!) ;) Not cool.

Another random memory: I remember one time when our family came to visit, and I think I stayed in your room. It must have been around your 16th birthday because you had a bunch of “Sweet Sixteen” balloons, which I thought were so cool! Lol! You also had this big fish tank with hot pink gravel. I thought it was so awesome, that for Christmas that year, I asked for a 10 gallon tropical fish tank, complete with fish and hot pink gravel! Haha! The gravel HAD to be hot pink like yours! I loved it! :)

So anyway, I really don’t know why I’m rambling on! Ha! Especially on your blog of all places! I guess it was just the teen thing and then I started having all these memories…? Man, sorry for wasting a few minutes of your life!! :P
PS: That’s adorable that Stephen is popular with the ladies! Ha! Cute!!

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