Monday, January 5, 2009

Creative, Lazy, or Stupid. You decide.

So. We have this big black dog. His name is Diesel. He likes to go for walks. It's cold outside.

He still likes to walk.

I don't.

The kids don't.

Diesel does.

So we compromised.


You probably think I'm crazy for doing it. And you're probably right. That having been said, the dog needs his exercise. He's taking it out and the cat and the kids. I was afraid of what "could" happen, but it went really well. His leash was just long enough to let him walk to the side of the suburban, but not long enough to let him get near the tire. He loved it. His tail was wagging and he just walked with us. He's a strong dog, and usually we have to use a head halti or gentle lead to even be able to walk him. NOT THIS TIME! There was no way he was going to pull the suburban. LOL. Crazy dog.

I drove about 4mph the whole time. Well almost the whole time. We turned a corner started to go a little down hill and I noticed that he was running at this point. I must have gotten up to 8mph. Poor dog. Just kidding. He loved the short run. Next time I'll go a little faster than 4mph so he can get a little more energy out.

So which one is it? Creative, Lazy, or Stupid? You decide.

The picture below shows you what Diesel thinks of the dogs next door.


Brandie said...

That last pic is priceless.

Jessica said...

I think it is funny.

Kimberly said...

ok.. that is HILARIOUS!!! especially that last picture!!! I MISS YOU.. can you come see me.. or can we come live with you for awhile?! im kind of done with az.. ahh.. did i mention that i MISS you guys?!!?!!?!

Julie, Dan and Bennett said...

Sorry I missed it live. NExt time can you let me know and drive by my house so I can see it? Love the last picture!

sweendog said...

you guys are killing me!!! lol I think it is CRAZY glad to see you have a dog you can deal with, I think. and yes i will update soon. miss ya take care

The Baldwins said...

Hmm, wouldn't a treadmill be an easier solution? Love the last picture!

Em said...

Ha ha ha ha!! I bet anyone who saw you may have been thinking of the movie Griswold vacation when they tied the dog to the bumper and forgot about it, and ended up leaving it in the dust. Ha ha!! That is hilarious, and a bit creative!! =0)

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