Friday, October 15, 2010


1243 miles.

25 pit stops.

25 diaper changes(mostly poopy).

1 puking episode(thank goodness it was only one).

1 semi spewing motor oil so profusely we had to pull over and wash the windshield.

1 night stay at hotel with indoor water park.

1 teenager that lost the privilege of speaking for several hours.

1 girl baby that got to the point of crying when we got near the car.

5 boys that were REALLY restless the last two hundred miles.

1 man with broken ribs. Thanks in part to his crazy antics at above mentioned water park.

Heaven help me if I ever have to do this road trip again.

Glad we're here, but dreading the drive back.

Which starts in less than 48 hours.

But who's counting?


Jas said...

LOL... You will laugh too... later... maybe much later. Good Luck on your trip home!!

XLMIC said...

If the return is a carbon copy at least you'll know what you're in for. And if it's different... hey, isn't variety the spice of life? lol I am so impressed though! I was too afraid to do a road trip w/ just four kids. I think I need some lessons from you!

Sarina said...

Maybe you should fly home with Sadie and leave Brandon to drive the boys home! Oh my goodness, the story's you will have to tell me when you're back! LOL

Me and Nick said...

Here's to hoping your trip back will be full of sleeping children! Especially the teenager...what's he doing awake on a road trip anyways :)

Que said...

Ummm.... That's nuts! I would seriously consider just moving there. I went 1150 miles (one way) with my wife, 2 kids (3rd wasn't born yet) and my parents. We didn't stay in a hotel, though. We went straight through (only making pit stops). I did it twice and will NEVER do it again.

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