Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall 2010

I hate that I've let the blog fall to the wayside. It was never my intentions. I blame Facebook. If it wasn't so dang addicting I'd spend way more time blogging. And I don't even play all those silly games it offers. Can you imagine how useless I'd be then???

In addition to FB, I blame other bloggers. I follow several blogs that are amazingly funny and witty. I feel I pale in comparison and it makes it difficult to want to blog. I find myself trying to write something funny and witty in my mind and never does end up that way. So for now I give up on being witty and am just going to post for the sake of posting.

Here are some pictures of some of the things the family full of B's and S's have been up to:

It only took me four months to get this post written. Slack.

1 comment:

XLMIC said...

I for one want you to put more on here. This is where one can shamelessly toot one's own horn and show off her kids without hesitation :) No need to try hard to be witty or anything like that. The hard work you put into being a mom shines through in every picture, every word. Carys had the same ladybug costume!

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