Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sebastian's Baptism and other random things

It was a great day. Afterwords, we came home and had his and Seth's birthday party. It was a lot of fun.

It's crazy to think that the weather was warm and beautiful a couple of weeks ago when we had the party. It's as if it warmed up just for that weekend. The following weekend is snowed four inches. Crazy.

Crazy. That's an interesting word. I think it sums up our life to a T. I was recently called to be the Young Women's president. What in the world do I know about teen age girls? Other than the fact that I don't want to be one again, I know NOTHING! Truth be told....I'm really enjoying it. Really.

Brandon came home from California, but other than extra laundry and having to cook more for dinner, I can't tell. APPARENTLY, while he was gone, MOBCOM decided it was time to WORK for a living. Can you say LONG HOURS? I feel like this is what we've become:

And because I was getting a little bored, we decided to buy a house. LOL. No really, we did, but not because I'm bored. We made this decision long before we knew that April was going to be the month from "the hot place." Thank goodness it's not our usually fixer upper. It's totally move in ready. Well, except for the color of the walls. Those are NEVER right. But over time, I'll fix that. Here are a couple of pictures:

This next one is a picture of the master bedroom ceiling. I think it's cool.

This is the family room downstairs.

We are very excited. It will be SO NICE to not have major projects the entire time we live there. We close on the 23rd. We'll move in that weekend. Feel free to stop by anytime.

The next couple of pictures are of Seth and his girlfriend. The first Sunday we were here in Missouri he saw her and it was love and first sight. I kid you not. They both acted like they knew each other. They were 15 months at the time. Seth looks at her with stars in his eyes. I babysat her the other day and he acted SO FUNNY the whole time she was here. He was showing off like you wouldn't believe. He flipped his high chair over and pushed it all over the house, he stood on the table, and he gave her all the toys he could find. It was adorable. I truly think they new each other before this life. Here is the happy couple:

I think they are cute.


Kimberly said...

He's already taken.. REMEMBER?!?!

Bryan and Marissa said...

Beth that house is so cute!!! Your boys are getting so big can you believe it???

Janel said...

Love the new house! Good luck with the move! I can't believe how old Seth looks in those pictures! They just grow up so fast:)

Kari said...

What SWEET pics! I need to get the pics I took to you. LOVE the house! I don't know what Sean's gonna do when ya'll move! he's going to be SO bummed. And Abby won't be able to bark at Diesel anymore. Cause ya know she thinks she can take him. And I haven't forgotten about the camera classes. Ritz hasn't had any that we would benefit from. OK, so where's the new house???? Woman, call me! or just jump the fence. hehe

Jenny said...

That's so neat! It will be really neat whenever my children become old enough to be baptized.

Kristine said...

Congrats to Sebastian! David's is the 25th - we're excited! And the house looks awesome!

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