Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Great to be Eight

Sebastian turns eight tomorrow. It's been a very fast eight years. It's hard to believe. I'm very excited and way more emotional than I thought I'd be. I've been through this before, but for some reason, I'm finding it to be an emotional event. (for those readers who aren't aware, in our religion, once children turn eight, they can choose to be baptized). Sebastian asked months ago if he could be baptized on his birthday. Tomorrow's the big day. As excited as I am for Sebastian, I'm a little melancholic as well. There are days where I dream on not having little ones around 24/7, but for the vast majority of the time I dread the day they grow up and leave our nest. Sebastian's baptism is an outward sign of the fact that he's growing up right before my eyes. Though I would never deny him his God given right to grow and progress, I sure would slow it down if I could.

Happy Birthday Seby Subs. May your next eight be as joyous as your first. We're proud of you son!

I'll be sure to post pictures of his big day soon.


Kristine said...

I didn't realize how close in age he is to David (turned 8 Feb 27th). Happy birthday, Sebastian!

Kimberly said...

HAPPY EARLY BDAY SEBBS!!!! I wish we were there to be a part of his big day! We sure do miss you guys!!

I love the pos before this one.. I hope we are in a position to do that for someone one day also! How neat for you!

Kari~RDG said...

Happy Birthday Sebastian!!! Much much love to you on this wonderful occasion. Have a wonderful next 8 years!!!

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