Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I find that most boredom occurs during the extreme weather months. At least that's the case with my boys. They tend to look for something to do when they're bored. It usually causes something to get broken, or someone to get hurt. They have been bored a lot lately. So has the dog. I haven't walked him in a while and he's pretty wound up and getting into stuff and causing trouble. I can fix that by taking him for a walk, but I'm trying to save gas. LOL. In my efforts to calm down the boy's boredom, I took the kids to see the Great Mouse yesterday. For those of you not familiar with who that is, you may know him better by the name of Chuck E. Cheese.

I never knew that cats get bored too.

I was in the kitchen making dinner when I heard this anguished cry. It happened over and over again. I stood in the hallway, with my head cocked to the side, trying to hear from where this pitiful cry was coming from. Our cat is like most, and is very nosy. He's been shut up in a closet more than once because of him nosiness, so I started looking in all the closets whiling thinking to myself, "That cry sounds like it's coming from downstairs." I sent the boys down to "investigate." They confirmed my suspicions, but couldn't locate the poor, sad, little cat. I headed down there and looked all around the air/heat unit and couldn't find that cat anywhere. But he was SO loud at this point I knew he had to be INSIDE the heating system. I went upstairs to turn off the timer and take the rolls out of the oven and it hit me. THE VENT UNDER THE BED WAS KNOCKED OFF THE WALL. That dumb cat crawled into the hole where the vent cover is supposed to be and crawled/fell all the way back to where the fan and return air ducts are. CRAZY. I took the cover off where the filter goes and then moved the filter. Out came that poor, sad, little cat like a flash. He was COVERED in dust. I'm still sneezing just thinking about it.

Who knew cats get bored too.


Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

OK, HAD to laugh there. Sorry, but yeah. My boys are driving me nuts here, too. "Mama, we're bored. There's nothing to do" Which as you know, translates to "Entertain me." At least I don't have a nosy cat...Abby's happy & content to stay curled up under a blanket. Or bark like a fool at Diesel. Which of course I find absolutely hilarious. He's what, 1000 times bigger than she is? Goofball dogs. Goofball kids. Goofball animals. Oh, we might be here another year!

Amity said...

Love it, Beth! Something unbelievable has to happen while Brandon's gone, right? One deployment I had a prairie dog come up my toilet. Yes, a LIVE prairie dog. Never fails that something happens that they wished they could see or never in a thousand years thought could happen.
So did you vacuum the cat or bathe it?

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