Saturday, June 21, 2008

Apparently I'm old

I'm sitting here minding my own business, ignoring my responsibilities, but we're not talking about that, reading random strangers blogs. Stephen walks in the room and takes a look at a picture of six teenage girls and asks, "Is that you?" I said no, and he says, "Oh. I thought it was you from a long time ago." He then says to me, "Did they have color pictures when you were young?" I start laughing and tell him I'm not that old. He thens says, "Were there tv's when you were born?"

I just had to laugh.


Nikki said...

LOL!!!!!! We've had that same conversation around here! The last one took place due to my dad sending a ton of pics of my sister, brother and I when we were little. After seeing us in a parking lot Evye said..."Mom! They had cars back then???!!!!" After me answering "YES!" she then goes on to say that they must've just invented them since they look so funny and different. LOL!

Patty B said...

That is pretty funny! My older kids make comments similar to that a lot, just to be funny.

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