Saturday, December 4, 2010

Randon pictures

Did I ever tell you I hate dogs? Did you know that my husband doesn't? He loves them. Doesn't feel like we're a complete family without one. We've been through a lot of dogs in our married life. They have always come with problems though. This one....she chews. A. LOT. I think she's chewed her weight in stuff. Shoes, gloves, toys, clothes. You name it and she's chewed it. She does seem to be getting a bit better. Perhaps it's because I threatened to knock her teeth down her throat. Or not. It could just be her age. Either way I hope she's turning a corner.

Do you wonder why it's all lined up in a row, at the bottom of the hill, against the fence?

Did you forget I have five boys?

They line up on the patio and race each other down the hill. They don't bother with breaks either. Why should they? The chain link does a nice job stopping them.

1 comment:

XLMIC said...

Love the bike line-up pic! And LOVE the one of Sadie and the dog at the window! We will never own a dog... even though we both do like dogs and the kids are begging for one. We will not EVER have one.

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