Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where did April go?

I don't think I've missed a month since I started this blog. Wow. I totally missed April. I was a busy month. The boys enjoyed their Spring break and my sister Sabrina came to visit for a weekend. Poor Brandon spent his time serving Uncle Sam. He averaged 70 to 80 hours a week this last month. With no let up in sight until June-July. We're grateful he's got a job, but in reality, with the hours he's working, he could get two jobs and make a lot more money. I don't really have a lot to post about, but I'm afraid that if I don't soon get back into the habit, I'll stop. I really don't want to do that. This is a wonderful journal-ing tool. I'm bad at keeping a real journal so this is really important. I want to look into having it printed into a yearly book. I just don't know how, so I haven't yet. Anyone know how I go about doing that?

The boys are all doing well. Well, sort of. Seth is sick with a nasty case of strep throat right now. So nasty that I actually broke down and am giving him antibiotics. I'm a firm believer that our bodies, with the help of herbs and supplements, can in fact, fight off most things. Including streptococcus. This time though, it's worse than I've ever seen. His throat started closing up and he was really struggling to breathe. I was very grateful for modern medicine about 7pm last night. He is on the mend and will feel better soon I'm sure.

Sadie is growing and changing everyday. She is four months old now and weighs about 14 pounds. She's still on the short side and I don't foresee that changing. She's been rolling over for a month and a half now. She beat out all the boys. They were all into their fourth month when they rolled over. She wasn't even quite three months. Granted, it wasn't everyday when she started, but she could still do it. She has also found her voice. WOW. Is she ever loud too. Let the record show that she will NOT go unheard! She has the most beautiful smile and lights up whenever you talk to her. She is however, very sensitive. Especially when she's tired. She gets all kinds of bent out of shape when she's tired and something happens that she's not expecting. I have enjoyed every aspect of having a little girl. She is amazing and I'm so grateful I've been blessed with the opportunity to help raise her. So blessed.

I'm hoping to be better at posting this month. We don't have anything very exciting going on right now, but I'm sure I can come up with something.


The Baldwins said...

Hope sickness gets out of the house soon! Makes for a miserable summer! I print my blog every year - check out I know there are other places, this is just the one I use and I'm happy with it. You log into your account and it automatically turns it into a book. You can have the comments printed at the end (if you want, I never do) and you can add pages of just pictures at the end, but you can't go in and change things about your post or the layout of the book really. But like I said, I've been happy with mine (past two years too!). Yep, get back into blogging girl!

Julie, Dan and Bennett said...

A friend of mine makes her blog every year into a book. I will check with her and see how she does it.

Me and Nick said...

I can't imagine why you haven't been able to blog :) LOL! I only have one and still manage to go weeks without blogging :) But I love checking out what you all are up to, so blog whenever you get the chance :) By the way, I think boys must just be slower at these baby things :)

Anonymous said...

YES! You need to keep blogging! I check yours all the time but there are never any new posts! Nice surprise today to find a new one!
And I also print my blogs through I've done three with them and loved them all. Very easy, they do all the work. You can pick a picture to put on the front and the color of your cover too. I did it because I was afraid if my blog site people closed the site I would lose all the stuff I'd written. Now I have it in print at least.
GREAT to hear from you!

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