Friday, March 5, 2010


I have never seen anyone so excited about their birthday.

He was adorable. All day long he talked about his birthday. We had the missionaries over for dinner and FHE. After wards we did his "party." All through dinner and FHE it was all he could talk about. When the Elder finished with the lesson he asked the question. "Who is ready for a birthday?" Before he could finish his sentence, Seth jumped out of Brandon's lap and raised his hand and shouted, "ME!" It was adorable. When we sang to him, he joined in and each time it came to the you in Happy Birthday to You, he replaced you with me. It was so cute.

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just one foot said...

I know you are not supposed to pick favorites but I have to admit, if I was allowed to, Seth would be my pick. Even my daughter walked through the room one day as I was flipping through pictures, and said, "Who IS that adorable little boy??"

I am happy he felt special on his day. :)

One funny story...from a non Mormon who used to live in Utah....we had not been there very long when Jeff took the boys to the park to play. When they came back one of the boys was telling me about this whole 'pack' of guys who were at the park, and they all had on white shirts and black pants...and the weirdest thing, to him, "it was so strange, mom...they had on name tags and they ALL were named Elder!"

It CRACKED me up! A little cultural lesson for my boy. :)


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