Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is how my Devil Dog went to the Ball. He has part of the WWI re-enactment ceremony. The Ball was held at Union Station here in Kansas City. Union Station had over 700,000 soldiers pass through during WWI, making it an integral part of the war. With help from the Red Cross, they were able to have a hot meal, mail a letter, or have buttons shown back on while waiting for their train to depart the station.

Brandon had a great time playing this role. But apparently, older women like WWI soldiers. He had numerous offers for some "extra" entertainment that night. He said he couldn't get away from some of them fast enough. When asked what he was doing "later" he would answer, "Going home to my pregnant wife and five children." He said that some of them gave him a dirty look. And when I say older, I mean OLDER. 60's and up. Who would have thought?

I chose not to go this year for several reasons. One being that I'm so fat and uncomfortable. Near the end, I changed my mind, but there were no tickets to be had at that point. Being that it's MOBCOM's last Ball, they went all out and it was sold out months ago. Oh well. As long as there is a Corps, there will be more Balls.

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