Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meetings, meetings and MORE meetings

Apparently Spencer doesn't think we attend enough meetings on Sundays. I was making dinner when he came upstairs and told Brandon and me that we were going to have a meeting after dinner to pray and learn about the gospel. Thinking about the late hour I said, "Hey Spencer, why don't we have it tomorrow night for Family Home Evening?" He promptly said, "No, we need to have it tonight."

So after dinner we all went downstairs to attend Spencer's meeting. This is what we found:

He made himself a pulpit out of couch cushions and an end table. He made the rest of us seats and told us where we were to sit:

This is Spencer giving us our message:

He sure is a fun kid to have around. We love you Pency-Wency.


The Baldwins said...

That is awesome - can't wait to see what future callings he'll hold!

Janel said...

awww, I miss you guys!!!! Spencer is too cute:)

Sarah said...

What a cutie!

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