Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden update

It's coming along nicely. We have gotten a ton of zucchini and a few cucumbers. When the tomatoes are ripe we're going to be swimming in them. We actually have a volunteer tomato plant that came up no where near the others. I'm assuming it was a seed in the bean seeds and starting growing. That or it was a seen in the compost we got for the garden. It actually has a tomato on it. And to think I almost picked it thinking it was a weed at one point. I have no idea how to can, but hopefully I can learn and actually can some of the tomatoes we're going to be getting. We have several watermelons and one really big one that we hope we get to eat. I've heard they are hard to grow and they can slit open before you know it. We're going to be very disappointed if that happens. We plan on building another box next year. If for no other reason, to plant all the "vine" plants in it. Between the watermelon and cucumbers, you can't see the other plants. The beans, peppers, onions, and asparagus are all hidden. Which means they probably aren't getting enough sun and will die or something. Oh well, trial and error. I think it's a good garden for a starter garden.


Jenny said...

LOVE your garden!

~*This Mama*~ said...

But it looks really nice and contained. I agree about the sunlight problem though. My garden was all tilled or turned and dug before all the trees had fully leafed out so when they did they took up most all of my garden's sunlight. That combined with the fact that I refuse to use pesticides and the rolly pollys having a hey-day, my garden's not doing well either.

Combine all of that with the fact my crazy hen has been setting for like 2 mths and I've been getting only like one egg every 5 or so days from the other...and I'm just NOT HAPPY! LOL

(This is Jeni, btw, from FOM.)

The Baldwins said...

That's a fantastic garden! I'm jealous! My Mom and Dad are here in HI and I'm enlisting my Dad to help me get a garden going (so that I can then kill it when he leaves it to me...).

By the way, my Mom mentioned that you have to wait to pick the watermelon until the stem turns brown and looks like it's drying up - then it'll be ready!

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