Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Garden

I tried to post this the other day, but the pictures wouldn't upload and I gave up. Hopefully I'll have better luck today.

Brandon built the box while I was on vacation. I planted it on Memorial Day. It's growing very well. We regret not planting more in it. I'm sure it will be better planned next year. Baby steps. I apologize if the pictures of our garden right now aren't very clear. I didn't feel like going outside to take the pictures so I took them from my bedroom window. The close up one is a picture of the blossom on our zucchini plant. I'm so excited.

It's not ALL grass in the middle. We planted some seeds and they're not doing very well so I didn't want to weed it just yet. I've tried to weed around everything else, but it's just really hard right now. Again, next years garden will be much better.

1 comment:

ChiroMomma said...

Awesome! I miss my big garden space that I had in Marietta. I have a small one here but not beg enough to let zucchini take over. Im sure youll enjoy it very much this summer!

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