Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nothing like getting back to nature

Here are some pictures of a recent camping trip we took. We drove up to Lake Jacomo and stayed a couple of nights. It was a lot of fun. The boys had a great time fishing. The only thing they caught was a bunch of moss, but apparently, that's almost as fun as catching fish. Notice in the picture of Sebastian that his moss looks just like a fish. We weren't sure if it was mossy fish or fishy moss. You decide. The birds in the picture are turkey vultures. You may have to click on the picture to make it bigger so you can actually see the birds. There were five of them and I swear they followed us the whole time. They even followed us home. I've not seen them around here before and I saw one in the back yard the day we got home. Stephen, being the "turkey" that he is, laid down in the road to see if they would think he was dead. Nice try big guy. Oh, and on a side note, you really shouldn't leave your trash out at night. APPARENTLY rodents like it.

We didn't see any bugs or snakes. I guess it was a little too cold for them. That having been said, I guess our house isn't. I was online checking my email in the living room, and this is what Seth brought me:

He picked it up by the tail and literally brought it to me. Being the wonderful mother that I am, I threw the keyboard(it's wireless so it was in my lap) causing him to drop the snake, screamed and kicked him out of the way. It was quite the sight. Thank goodness Brandon was standing right there to save the day. It was a harmless snake, but IT WAS IN OUR HOUSE AND MY ONE YEAR OLD PICKED IT UP. We of course wanted the boys to see it, so we put it on the floor in the kitchen and called them all in from outside. Sterling, being the loving brute that he is stomped on it as soon as he saw it. Needless to say, the harmless snake is most definitely harmless now.

I suppose camping and snake excitement are too much for my redheads to handle in one day. Here they are dead to the world:

Brandon fell asleep first, and when Spencer saw him lying there, I guess it was too much to pass up so he joined him. Sweet dreams boys!


Annabel said...

Hahaha! I am laughing my head off at the snake "episode." I love how you tell it! MISS YOU!!!!!

Sabrina said...

Beautiful camping pics . . . but number 1 rule is ALWAYS lock up your trash/garbage!!!

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