Thursday, October 23, 2008

I was enlightened and now you can be too

I picked Spencer up from school today and as we were pulling away from the carpool line, I told him to hurry up and get buckled. He was trying to get his bag off his back and then his coat was stuck or something so it was taking him forever. I had already left the parking lot and has at the stop sign. I looked up and there was a cop in front of us. I said to Spencer to sit down and get buckled right now there is a cop and if you're not buckled I can get a ticket. He then asks me if a ticket will make you go to jail. I said that if you get a ticket and don't pay it, then you can go to jail. He said, if I go to jail, how will I go pee? I said, you would just use the bathroom. He said, but how will I go pee? I then said, in the toilet. He said, Oh good. OK.

He is such a nut.

Then about an hour ago he and Sterling were sitting on the couch and this was their conversation:

Sterling: It stinks.

Spencer: I farted.

Sterling: No, I farted.

Spencer: No, I did.

Sterling: We both did.

Yeah. The joys of motherhood. There ain't nothin' like it!


Bryan and Marissa said...

Beth You have been tagged! P.S. I love boys they are so fun right!

Nikki said...

Sounds right about what goes around at our house!!! Boys definitely bring a whole new realm of enlightenment to the home....though the girls aren't far behind. Though, can you blame them???? They're a little outnumbered and I guess if you can't beat em...join em! LOL!

just one foot said...

I can so relate to this. My poor daughter feels so outnumbered by our pack of boys. She has learned valuable lessons though, about the correct way to fart/burp and blame it on someone else. I think she will go into marriage so much more prepared than her cousins who have only sisters. :)

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