Friday, June 27, 2008

Mom, can I have a gumball?

Sterling has loved gum since he figured out what it was. He was the first one year old I had ever seen actually chew gum. Seriously, he'd keep it and chew if for hours. When it came time for him to potty train, I got the bright idea of using a gum ball machine to "encourage" his potty training. It worked great. He potty trained in a matter of days. Well, we still have a ton of gum balls left and he must ask me a million times a day if he can have a gum ball. This morning I was giving Seth a haircut and Sterling comes in asking for a gum ball. Instead of just saying no, I said "not right now, I'm giving Seth a haircut." He comes back while I'm giving him a bath to clean him up and I answer him with similar answer. He asked again two minutes later and again while I was trying to dry him off and dress him. At this point I say rather loudly, "LEAVE ME ALONE STERLING." To that he says:

"Then can me have a gum ball?"

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