Sunday, May 11, 2008

This post is dedicated to my Spencer Alexander

Stephen was the most adorable, easy going, fun loving toddler/preschooler. When he was two, he was great! His personality was shining through, he was talking up a storm, he potty was great. When he turned three, things got a little "less great", but not bad. When four rolled around, I swear the Body Snatchers visited my house when we were sleeping. The same sort of thing happened with Sebastian. Great two year old, less great three year old, and so on. So I decided after Sebastian, I loved age two, but couldn't care less for age four. THEN SPENCER CAME. Man did I change my tune so fast. I finally understood what people meant about "terrible two's." I still had it in my head that four was going to be rough too and I didn't know what I was going to do. Two whole years of not really enjoying the kid to the fullest extent possible seemed unimaginable. But he turned three and the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and then four rolled around and the sun started shinning even brighter. As his fourth year has come and is almost gone, he's become quite the interesting little guy. He says the funniest things. Just today he said several things that made me laugh. This morning he was going to the bathroom and decided to announce that his poop was green. And then proceeded to tell me that it had been a different color the last few times he'd gone. I'm laughing to myself as he's getting more and more excited about his and I quote,"rainbow of poop colors". I guess when you don't usually have food with food dyes(we try really hard to have a healthy diet) and you go on a Father/Son camp out and eat different foods than normal, it changes things in your system. Anyway, so a little later, I'm fixing his hair for church and he says, "What's that?", pointing to my new(thank you NanDee) spray bottle of water. I say to him it's a spray bottle with water in it.(I don't know what happened with my old one, but I've been making do with my hands). He got all excited and said, "Can I have one for my birthday so I can spray and wash up my hair???" Again, I'm just laughing. He said it with such excitement and wonder. Who would have ever thought a four year old boy would want a spray bottle? While we were sitting in church he looked down at my skirt that had little beads on it and whispers to me while pointing to my skirt, "Are those tomatoes Mom?" He keeps me laughing. I sure will miss him when he goes off to Pre-K in the fall. You're my little Pency-Wency. I sure do love you!

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